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You can border a honeycomb panel with an edge applied, with the insertion of a "T" profile or in the insertion, during the production phase of the panel, of a perimeter block between the two skins, treating it like a panel of traditional material.

Border applied

The panel is produced with a plywood frame on the perimeter
to which it's possible to apply, with a traditional process, edges in:
- essence 
- aluminum
- PVC​

Profiles at  "T"

The edge is obtained with the application of a "T" aluminum profile, the penula of which fits into a milling in the aluminum honeycomb.​
This edging remains particularly solid to mechanical stress.​

Internal massellation 

Structural edging with a purely technical effect that highlights the thickness of the aluminum skins.

Ease of edging

Tipologie finiture bordo applicato
When the ALUXAPP panel needs to be edged, even by the customer himself, a perimeter blocking is inserted between the two skins during the production of the panel, in this way the panel can be edged like a traditional material.

Bordo applicato:   senza supporto

Bordo in essenza

Materiale di pregio con un alto valore estetico

Bordo in essenza

Materiale di pregio con un alto valore estetico

Bordo con profilo a "T"

Profilo a "T" in ABS

Profilo in ABS con geometria e colore RAL a richiesta.

Profilo a "T" in alluminio

Profilo in alluminio con geometria e colore a richiesta. Il profilo copre lo spessore della pella esterna. 

Edging examples


​Light and cheap material to be used when it's necessary to border the thickness or a support is needed on which hardware must be fixed

Massello di alluminio

Materiale con caratteristiche di resistenza all'acqua


Materiale di pregio.


Materiale impermeabile e leggero

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