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Our company was founded in 1963.


We take care of the production of special semi-finished products for various sectors, from interior design to the naval and aeronautical sectors.


Our continuous research and collaboration in these fields allows us to contaminate the different sectors with different technologies, the result of which is continuous innovation.


Our uniquenesslies in managing the entire process, from the production of the panel to the finished product, as our production consists
by  two departments:
  •  Panel composition department
  •  Panel semi-processing department

Our knowledge ofproduction techniquesis added to the high-tech machinery we have:
  •  Aluminum honeycomb production plant;
  • Coating plant;
  • Cold pressing plant;
  • Hot pressing plant;
  • Spreader;
  • Rolling plant;
  • Panel saw;
  • Edge bander;
  • 5-axis numerically controlled pantograph.

To this add up the organizational skills of commercial office and of technical office:

Reparto di composizione

  • Impianto di produzione honeycomb in alluminio;

  • Impianto di spalmatura;

  • Impianto di pressatura a freddo;

  • Impianto di pressatura a caldo;

  • Stenditore;

  • Impianto di laminazione;

Ufficio tecnico

Forniamo servizi di engeneering per lo sviluppo di soluzioni di alta tecnologia

Reparto di semilavorazione

  • Sezionatrice;

  • Bordatrice;

  • Pantografo a controllo numerico a 5 assi.


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