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Application of threaded inserts with MA thread.
3D design and creation of custom hardware in different materials.

Metric threads, sockets


Bits with metric threading


Inserts of metric thread come anchored to the aluminum skins through a mechanical deformation system of the insert itself.  This screwing system is particularly solid and reversible, because the screws can be screwed in and out multiple times.

Steel inserts   Inserts round head, cylindrical or semi-hexagonal head.
Inserts with flat, countersunk or reduced abutment.
M1,0 (11), M1,2 (2), M2 (15), M2,5 (33),M3 (17), M3 (108), M3,5 (36), M4 (107), M5 (82), M6 (44), M8 (32)

Steel inserts . Round head bits, cylindrical or semi-hexagonal head,inserts with flat, countersunk or reduced abutment.

M1,0(11), M1,2 (2), M2 (15), M2,5 (33),M3 (17), M3 (108), M3,5 (36), M4 (107), M5 (82), M6 (44), M8 (32).

Self-threading bushes in nylon


This screwing system is particularly simple to practice: once the panel has been drilled, it's sufficient to dry insert the nylon insert, which will guarantee for expansion the tightness of the lag screw screwed in.

Nylon inserts. An aluminum alloy nut in a tapered nylon cage.

Nylon inserts.An aluminum alloy nut in a tapered nylon cage.

Hinges, hangers, sliding


Hinges with small bowl

The concealed zipperfor its application it provides for the preparation of a perimeter frame that allows the necessary downward milling. The screwing can be performed both with lag screws and with metric screws, after inserting appropriate bushings.

Concealed hinges

The hinge with small bowlit can be applied without the need to provide any perimeter frame. Screwing is done with metric inserts or self-threading screws; the bowl outlet is milled directly into the honeycomb.


The boiserie hangers can be screwed in with the same technique as the previous hardware elements


The trolleys for sliding doors can be applied with the screwing systems already described and do not require perimeter frames.

Custom hardware

Anodized aluminum pin

Pivot completely in aluminum, designed by our 3D technical department.
Made for the positioning and rotation of our ALUAPP panels to complete a product made up of several parts.

Pivot made to order by rotating panels on the structure.

perno snodato.jpg

Swivel joint in steel

Components engineering. Swivel joint with 3D design.
Hardware made for the positioning and fixing of ALUAPP panels with variable gradation.

Joint made to order for panel rotation.

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