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The internal or perimetral frames  masonry to the panel, if studied in an appropriate manner, makes it possible to work the artefact as if it were a traditional panel.
​The size of the frame will be defined according to the processing that the customer will have to perform on the panel.

Internal massellation

Internal massellation  for inserting hardware or for making holes, through holes or milling of various kinds.
Insertion of pipes for the passage of cables.

Perimeter frames

Perimeter frame on all or part of the sides, for edging or inserting hardware.

Used materials

The frames and masses can be made with different materials, the choice of these is made on the basis of the processes that I have to docannot be made and can be:

Solid aluminum:

Material that is used when it is not necessary to border, it can be lacquered and has high characteristics of resistance to water and humidity. Hardware can be anchored to it,

Aluminium profile:

Material that gives a structural value to the panel and allows threads or other material to pass through.


​Light and cheap material to be used when it's necessary to border the thickness or a support is needed on which hardware must be fixed

Expanded polyurethane high density




Light and economical material to be used when it is necessary to edge the thickness or a support is needed on which hardware must be fixed

Excellent support on which it is possible to edge

Example of swing door

Thin, light and bending resistant door, 
in aluminum honeycomb with:

 Perimeter frame upper, in plywoodfrom 60mm with a  45° cut for sash grip.
Perimeter frame on the heights and underside, in 60 mm plywood. On the length arranged for the insertion of the hinges with the traditional method.

Example of sliding door panel

Door, large, light and resistant to bending, in aluminum honeycomb with:
Perimeter frametop and bottom, in plywood 80 mm for inserting the sliding rail.
Perimeter frameon the heights, in 20 mm plywood for the edging.
Internal massing, in 120 x 200 mm plywood for recessed handle_
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