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It's possible to choose between different supports, each of which guarantees different performance qualities, based on the characteristics of mechanical resistance, fire resistance and atmospheric agents that are necessary to confer to the panel


Support choice

It is possible to choose betweendifferent supports, based on the characteristics of mechanical strength, resistance to fire and atmospheric agents that are required al panel.

Aluminum honeycomb

Our aluminum honeycomb, depending on the application of the panel, can be:

3003 alloy, 0.05 mm thick;

- 5052 alloy, 0.06 mm thick;

The support is equipped with a micro-hole suitable for the air exchange between the cells to avoid a possible detaching effect caused by an increase in the volumes of air for the heat inside the closed cells.

Nomex® honeycomb

The NOMEX® honeycomb is made of aramid paper impregnated with resin, which guarantees particular fire resistance and moisture resistance and resistance to sea salt.

Polyethylene terephthalate -PET-

Polyurethane foams

Polyethylene terephthalate whose acronym is PET, a thermoplastic resin, belonging to the family of polyesters, composed of phthalates. It is also used for its electrical properties, chemical resistance, high temperature performance, self-extinguishing. The good mechanical properties and the FST characteristics (fire and fumes) of the material allow it to be used in the naval and construction sectors.

It is possible to define:

Cell diameter

It is possible to choose 2 different cell densities.

A higher density increases the mechanical performance of the panel and the flexural strength against a low increase in weight per cubic meter.


From 3/8, mm 8.66, corresponding to 40 Kg / mc from 1/4 (6.25 mm corresponding to 80 kg / mc

From 1/8, mm 3,12 corresponding to 120 Kg / mc.

Recommended for panels with reduced thickness or requiring greater flexural strength)


From 1/16, mm 3,2, corresponding to a weight of 48 Kg / mc

From 3/16, mm 1,8, corresponding to a weight of 60 Kg / mc

Support thickness

The thickness in combination with the diameter of the cell defines the mechanical characteristics of the panel. It is possible to make any thickness on request, starting from 8 mm up to 60 mm.


Skins choice

The skins  can be:
- structural in aluminum thin, steel or in composite material in glass fibercarbon or kevlar .
 coating, connected to the structural skins to achieve the desired decorative purpose.


Structural skins

The structural skins are those surfaces that make up the panel and serve to give structure and stability to the panel and can be in:

- Aluminum

- Stainless steel

- High pressure laminate

- Glass/EpoxyPrepreg

- G10 fiberglass

- Nomex®

- Kevlar®, one or more layers

The covering skins are those surfaces that cover the panel, giving it the decorative purpose desired, and can be in:

- Laminate

- Essence

- Solid wood max 6 mm SP-


- Cork

- Decorative

Covering skins


Structural adhesives  have different chemical formulations depending on the nature of the materials to be joined.

- Epoxy stickers for structural use and for joining composite materials.

- Primers to increase adhesion and surface protection 

- Foaming adhesivesto seal the joints between the same components

- Epoxy adhesive filmsfor bonding surfaces.

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